Do not think you can learn Hapkido in a day, it will take you your entire lifetime.

In Hapkido, start with a bow, end with a bow.

Be ready to release your mind.

Spirit first, technique second.

No initiative attack in Hapkido.

Move according to your opponent.

Do not think you have to win. Rather think that you do not have to lose.

Know yourself at first and then others. To know yourself is to study oneself in action with others.

Accidents come out of idleness.

Devise at all times. This means inventing, contriving and forming new combinations and ideas, new applications of principles, new arrangements of techniques. Always plan and always devise.

To meditate means to realize the imperturbability of one’s original nature, that one cannot be disconcerted, disturbed or agitated. It is a state of complete emptiness.

Awareness is without choice, without demand and without anxiety. In that state there is perception.