Hapkido is a powerful and innovative Korean martial art. Hapkido is defined as the art/way of coordinated power. The word Hap means coordination of harmony. Ki denote the essence of power and Do means the art or the way.

Hapkido employs powerful kicking with pressure and vital point striking techniques from the unique Korean Indigenous art of Tae Kyon, which is a lethal martial art practiced in seclusion in Buddhist monasteries by Korean monks. The monks shared their art with the young Korean nobles (males) as part of the nobilities Hwarang Do training. The art of Tae Kyon is distinguished from most other martial arts by its unique use of the hips to provide "effortless" head high, aerial multiple opponent, and "spin" kicks. Hapkido's basis in Japanese Jujutsu, including joint locks and attacks which can be applied to a standing opponent, as well as Aikido and Judo throws and falling skills, was officially supplemented with Tae Kyon in 1961, with Bong Soo Han being one of the first five Hapkido instructors to teach this unique combination, which was the first modern "mixed martial art." It is concise, practical and can be used in any situation. The study of Hapkido also includes development of the mind and spirit. Because of the type of teaching and style of techniques used in Hapkido, it is not a sport, but used for self protection and personal development.


Mushin Hapkido is run by Master Eric Friske, senior student of Grand Master Bong Soo Han. Master Friske studied with Bong Soo Han for over 30 years before Grand Master Han passed away in 2007.

Mushin Hapkido is located at Dawn Barnes Karate Kids 3015 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica

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